Tuesday, January 22, 2013

China studies

Today we are expanding on our studies of china by learning some about Chinese idioms. I have a kanji kit ( I realize it is Japanese) that we used to write the idioms. We remember the story of Ye Gong from a story that we read last week. It tells of a boy who loved dragons but when faced with one he finds that it is not what he thought. This refers to someone who makes many claims, but when tested they prove to be false.

The kids had a blast grinding their own ink and painting the characters.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our field trip to the Gray Fossil Site

We are learning about fossils and what better way to learn than to see a site first hand? We had a blast!

Digging for bones!

A deer and I... it seemed a little out of place in the fossil museum.

Junebug posing on an alligator.

Darwin is of course.. wrestling the alligator.

Tapir jaw magnified.

Saber toothed cat.

The husband enjoyed hearing about the ice age mammals found in our region.

I had to help uncover the rhino spine :)

Getting ready for baby.. More crocheting.

Here are a few things I have made over the last couple days for the new wee one. I can't believe she will be here in 4 weeks!

Crochet Dejevellue (Devil Hat)

I was so excited to find a crochet pattern for this style of hat. I can knit but find that crocheting is so much quicker. The sweet mama who posted this pattern painstakingly made it from a knitting pattern. You can find out how to make this here.
I just adore this style of hat!

I just made these sweet booties without a pattern. If you'd like, I can try and type up a pattern for them, just ask in the comment section :) They were made to match the hat (below) that I made a few nights ago. I also made that one up but it would be simple to tell you how it was done.
Cute tiny little booties.

The kids like to call this and Oompa Loompa hat, The husband thinks it looks like an eggplant. Even though we don't know what to call it, we all love it :)

Matching set.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First day back to our homeschool...2013

On our first day back June is starting regrouping, cursive writing, biodiversity, and china studies. Darwin is learning about Charles Darwin, finishing a chapter of geometry, and he is reading about Chinese mythology.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Scraps baby blanket

I have decided to clean out my bins of yarn and create a baby blanket from all the useless bits.

With a 5mm crochet hook I chained 100 (+2 for the turn around) and dc all the way back across. At the end of each row I ch1, turn, switch colors, and either dc or sc across (depending on how much of that color I have. . Some of my balls are quite small)

I plan to continue with random colors until the blanket is as big as I'd like. I will update with measurements when the blanket is finished.